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Written by karl   
Monday, 25 October 2010 03:47

What to Do In Case Of an Assault against Your Person

When can there be an assault?

There is ASSAULT under the Criminal law when there is any intentional attempt or with immediate show of force or violence, a person intends to inflict a physical harm to another. The intent to cause harm must be with malice or a wanton disregard of the right of a person. Assault is committed when one attempts to strike another with his fists or holds his fist at another in a threatening or threatening manner, or other circumstances denoting insult or challenging another to a fight with an intention to do actual violence as by pointing a knife at another. The usual test to determine if an assault is committed is whether or not the act would induce such apprehension in the mind of a reasonable person. If you wish to file charges against the defendant for assault, contact the Miami Criminal Lawyers at MiamiEsq.com for legal assistance and talk to our Miami Assault lawyers for free.

Assaults can either be simple or aggravated

A simple assault is one where there is no intention to do any other injury. This is punished by fine and imprisonment only while an aggravated assault, in addition to the bare intention to commit harm, another object which is also criminal propelled the commission of the act like intent to kill or rob a person. An aggravated assault is considered a felony in all states and dealt with severely. Generally, assault can be both a crime and a tort and may result in the imposition of criminal liability and civil liability as well.

What Miami Assault Lawyers can help you?

Normally, the punishment for criminal assault is fine or imprisonment, or both fine and imprisonment. Victims of an assault can also claim for damages against the defendant. With the help of Miami Assault lawyers, any question about the amount that should be awarded to the victim can be determined by a jury. In assault, the victim can claim for Compensatory Damages for the injury sustained by the victim, Nominal Damages as compensation for the right being violated even though there has been no substantial injury inflicted and in some cases, courts allow Punitive Damages to punish the defendant for a wrongful conduct.

Do not hesitate to call our Miami Assault lawyers at (888) 338-3643. You can talk to them personally and discuss the issue for fast and quick settlement of your case.

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