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Dog Bite Injuries PDF Print E-mail
Written by karl   
Monday, 25 October 2010 03:28

Dog Bite Injuries?

What to do to get compensated…

Contact Miami Dog Bite Lawyers!

We are team of expert Personal Injury Lawyers located In Florida. However, our Miami Dog Bite lawyers’ services extend to all parts of the United States. If you have been attack by a dog or any animal, call us now at (888) 338-3643.

Dog Bites and Compensation

Aside from the injury sustained from a dog bite, victims usually suffered some emotional stress. For this, victims are entitled to some compensation.To know your rights as victim of the attack and the responsibilities of the animal owner, consult Miami Dog Bite Lawyers at once.

Things to do in case of animal attack:

1. Seek medical services at once.

2. Consult Miami Dog Bite lawyers

Animal owner responsibilities

Injuries sustained due to animal or dog attack has been considered under Personal Injury Law and referred to as Torts. The liability is based upon failure of the animal owner to comply with the obligation to apply reasonable care, which failure is the actual cause and proximate cause of damage to an individual or his property. The harm or injury may be in form of medical expenses, physical damage, mental or psychological stress. It may also include actual losses like loss of income for the duration where the person is under treatment and required to take rest to recover from the trauma attack.

Legal responsibility

The Law on Torts recognizes a civil wrong based on negligence, as grounds to recover compensation against the owner of the animal or dog for damages incurred by an injured party. Miami Dog Bite lawyers is capable to demand from the responsible party to demand full compensation for damages sustained by the injured party. It may include demand for actual expenses, loss of income and other expected losses due to injuries sustained. For information and free consultation, contact the Miami Personal Injury Lawyer.

Call us at once at (888) 338-3643!

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