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Drug Possession PDF Print E-mail
Written by karl   
Monday, 25 October 2010 03:55

Drug Possession When Considered a Crime?

Drug Possession as a crime

Drug possession is the crime committed when one is found to be in possession of one or more illegal drugs, either for personal use, for distribution, for sale or otherwise. Possession of illegal drugs have been grouped by categories and according to penalties imposed depending on the quantity, the type of drug, the age of the offender and other surrounding circumstances as may be found by law. Punishment also varies according to the governing jurisdiction where the crime is committed. Being charged of drug possession does not automatically make you a criminal. Find help at once; contact our Miami Drug Possession Defense Attorney for assistance.

Proving Drug possession as a crime

When charged for illegal possession of drugs it could mean a collapse of your future. But, what if… you are illegally accused; do you have remedies under the law? For consultation, call our Miami Drug Possession Defense Attorney to discusss your case for possible legal options and relief under the law. A person is held to be in possession of the illegal drug if the following elements are proven:

- He or she has immediate actual physical control of the drugs; or

- The drugs are actually found in the possession of the person apprehended; or

- He or she has the power and intent to control their disposition and use.

In the United States, the penalty for illegal drug possession and sale can vary from a small fine to a prison sentence. While in some jurisdiction like in Florida, mere possession of illegal drugs is already a crime. For some countries, offenders are being executed (imposition of death penalty) for drug-related offenses including drug possession. You could inquire with our Miami Drug Possession Defense Attorney at MiamiEsq.com. The can make representation in court in any parts of the United States.

Affirmative defenses in Drug possession case

The law provide for affirmative defenses like defendant’s lack of knowledge that the substance or drug was illegal. The burden of proof is shifted to the accused. For a person who wants to assert affirmative defense, the assistance of competent Miami Drug Possession Defense Attorney is necessary to show proof of such absence of knowledge. Through our Miami criminal defense lawyers, accused could prove his or her innocence or lack of knowledge as to the illegality of the substance or drug in his or her possession.

Contact us at www.MiamiEsq.com or call our hotline at (888) 338-3643 for free consultation on your case and some legal advice. Find out the difference of an experienced Miami Drug Possession Defense Attorney can do to help you.


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