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Written by karl   
Monday, 25 October 2010 03:51

Kidnapping Is a Serious Offense

Kidnapping as a crime

Kidnapping is a very serious offense. It is defined as the taking away of a person against his will by way of force, fraud, or threat and detaining them against the victim’s will for the purpose of some other nefarious purpose. Offenders can be a relative, or a stranger who deprives another of his freedom. The holding of person may be for the purpose of asking ransom, reward, inflicting harm to the victim, terrorizing, or for some other terms conditioned upon the release of the person held. If you are charge with kidnapping, consult Miami Esq at once and make an appointment to meet with any of Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers to discuss your options at the earliest possible time.

Kidnapping of children

It is also kidnapping where a parent without legal custody rights take into possession the child without the consent of the other. Even if the child consented to the taking, but the parent has no custodial rights, the crime is kidnapping. The crime of kidnapping is very broad and complicated that it requires expert Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers to prepare for your defenses in Court. Call our Miami lawyers team of dependable and reliable defense lawyers at (888) 338-3643 or log on to Miamiesq.com for consultation. Remember, you have a serious accusation, and you therefore need serious and expert defense lawyers to represent you in all court proceedings.

Why kidnapping a serious offense

In all cases of kidnapping, the restraint of liberty must be without consent to convict an accused. Generally, the penalty for kidnapping is imprisonment for a number of years when death or serious injury occurred in kidnapping. It is the risk of moving a victim from places, the deprivation of liberty and the threat of committing harm makes the crime of kidnapping serious. Kidnapping has two elements: the transportation or detention which must be unlawful and the presence of aggravating circumstance that accompany the restraint of liberty which may be to inflict an injury, to terrorize, or the attempt to commit another felony to the abductee. Our Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers are available 24/7 for consultation and legal advice.

Call Miamiesq for help

Call our hotline at (888) 338-3643 for an appointment with our Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers. They are competent, fast and reliable defense lawyers who for years of actual practice have obtained favorable court decisions and made settlements for immediate resolutions favorable to the parties concerned.

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