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Bankruptcy is an excellent and efficient method to get relief from overwhelming debt.  Whether its credit card, taxes, mortgages, automobile loans, or personal loans, bankruptcy will help you deal with your debt and get your life back.  Bankruptcy will help you achieve peace and let you protect your property.  Bankruptcy isn’t always the right solution for everyone, but in many cases it’s the only solution.   Talk to a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer today to see if bankruptcy is right for you.  Our Miami Bankruptcy Attorneys can help you with the following situations:

  • Stop Bill Collectors
  • Stop Pay Day Loans
  • Stop Lawsuits
  • Stop Repos
  • Stop Foreclosures
  • Stop Tax Garnishment
  • Stop Receiving Bad Credit
  • Get help with Student Loan Debt
  • Get help with Judgments
  • Get Help with Back Taxes

How do the new Bankruptcy Laws Affect you?
New Bankruptcy Laws went into effect on October 17, 2005 which made bankruptcy less attractive to many.  Many people have made the mistake in dealing with consumer credit and debt consolidation companies which have either been ineffective or caused more hardship on the debtor.  Using a knowledgeable and experienced Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer is the best option when looking for guidance on debt.

Different Types of Bankruptcy available:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one of the most common forms of bankruptcy that is sought by individuals and small companies not incorporated or given special business formations.  Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy, where the debtor who files for Chapter 7 offers his assets for liquidation in an effort to satisfy any debts with the creditors. Certain debts are fond dischargeable and many find this bankruptcy to be very helpful.  A Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer can provide you with more information about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and whether it is right for you.

Chapter 13:
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan monitored by the United States Bankruptcy Courts.  It allows individuals and small companies relief from creditors by allowing the debtor to get protection for their assets and form an agreement to pay the creditors under this agreement that helps the debtor due to their economic circumstances.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an ideal mechanism for individuals and small companies that need relief from debt to protect their assets and who wish to work out a payment plan with their creditors.  To determine whether Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is right for you, talk to our Miami Bankruptcy Attorney.

Chapter 11:
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is known as the “reorganization” bankruptcy.  Chapter 11 bankruptcy is mainly used by companies (small or large) including corporations and partnerships.  It is used by smaller companies and individuals when they do not met the requirements of Chapter 7 and Chapter 11.  The main factors in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is that the debtor may remain in possession of their property and assets, the debtor remains as the trustee of the assets while bankruptcy lawyer creates a reorganization plan that is left to be approved by the bankruptcy courts.  If you feel that filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is in your best interest, or would like to know more about Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, consult with one of our Miami Bankruptcy Lawyers.

If you are in the Miami and South Florida area and would like to know more about Bankruptcy, contact the Miami Bankruptcy Attorneys of MiamiESq.com.  Our Miami Bankruptcy Lawyers will schedule a free consultation with you to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you.

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