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Have you been arrested for a driving under the influence, otherwise known as a DUI?  A DUI can be more costly than most people know.  A DUI can cost you your freedom, your right to drive, and can be very costly financially.  A DUI can appear on your criminal record and it can affect your employment, it will affect your insurance options and many more aspects of your life.  For this reason, if you are facing DUI charges in Miami, you need the help of a Miami DUI Lawyer that can defend your rights and your freedom.

A Miami DUI Lawyer can assess your charges and the evidence in your case to determine first whether there is a sufficient case against you.  This assessment will also address whether the case is strong enough to sustain a conviction or whether it can be challenged.  The Miami DUI Attorney will then provide you options and strategies to either dismiss the charges or minimize the effects against you.

Don't just accept the charges and take a conviction for  DUI without seeking the expert advice of a DUI Defense Attorney.  Often there are circumstances and events that may affect the state's case against you and without knowing your rights and protecting them, they may be overlooked.

Call today to speak with a Miami DUI Lawyer about the specifics of your case.


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