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Theft Crimes PDF Print E-mail
Written by karl   
Monday, 25 October 2010 03:49

Theft Is a Crime against Property

Theft defined

Theft is a crime where one fraudulently and with deceit takes another person’s property with the intention to deprive the owner of its possession permanently. Also called Larceny in some jurisdiction, the crime of Theft includes swindling, embezzlement, fraud and false pretenses. Examples of the crime of Theft are bicycle or motor vehicle theft, shoplifting, pick-pocketing, or stealing another person’s property without the use of force or by the use of fraud. The newest addition to Theft category is Identity Theft or Indentity Fraud which refer to the act of wrongfully obtaining and using another person's personal data through fraud or deception by means of manual or through electronic means, usually for economic gain. With Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys, you can be assured of best court representation from preliminary hearing to jury trial.

Who may be considered Theft?

Any person can be prosecuted for Theft. In fact, Theft has been committed by individuals in the corporate world like investment scams by big time businessmen and big time theft of valued art pieces. It can happen at anytime at any place like pocket picking at public places or stealing goods from merchandise stores. The penalty of theft can be classified as misdemeanor or felonious offense depending upon the value of the property taken, the criminal history of the perpetrator and the circumstances and nature of the crime committed. But the worst part of the crime is the damage it can do to your reputation and standing in the community. Before something worst will happen, call Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys. They have the expertise of negotiating and finding proper options acceptable to concerned parties.

Why Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers

Miamiesq is a team of dedicated and skilled defense team that has been representing court cases in Florida as well as different parts of the United States. When charged for the crime of Theft, call Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys at once! The earlier you talk to our lawyers, the better your case can become. You can discuss with your defense lawyer the best options or gather evidence to support your defenses. Miamiesq will work with you from the beginning to end for possible dropping of charges, out of court settlement, reduced penalties as well as acquittal from the charges. Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys have the knowledge, skills and years of experience to fight for your legal rights.

Don’t hesitate; you can discuss your case with the Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers at Miamiesq.com. Call us at (888) 338-3643.

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